Exclusive distributor OPTILED

High-quality LED lighting


Never before, was sustainable lighting so affordable! OPTILED are supplying their LED lamps via a direct route from the manufacturer to the market. By eliminating the unnecessary, margin devouring intermediate links, OPTILED are able to offer a collection of high quality LED lamps with very short payback periods. Also, thanks to the ‘retrofit’ system, your current light sources are easily replaced by OPTILED lamps, without requiring huge investments. Moreover, OPTILED lamps consume very little energy, and will therefore save you money.

OPTILED will never compromise on quality. Each new LED lamp is thoroughly tested in an independent test centre in order to guarantee the best quality. In addition, OPTILED have entered into intensive cooperation with CREE, a manufacturer of high quality LED modules. All OPTILED lamps are provided with these CREE modules, making them safe and reliable and guaranteeing a perfect colour and light distribution. We believe in our quality, that is why we are able to offer you the security of a 3 year warranty.

Sustainable and safe
OPTILED lamps consume very little energy, radiate less heat and have a longer life span than current light sources. As a result, LED lamps from OPTILED are a sustainable source of lighting. Moreover, the lamps do not contain any mercury and are therefore 100% safe for you and your environment!

Focus on the future. OPTILED are 100% committed to optimizing LED lighting and are therefore continuously investing in research and development. This drive enables OPTILED to develop and offer the most innovative and high quality LED solutions.

OPTILED’s LED experts are highly skilled in the field of customized lighting solutions. They are looking forward to helping you profit from OPTILED’s unique benefits as best as possible.